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Connect XPM with Seamlss

Log into your Seamlss dashboard and go to Settings, then select the Integrations tab, as per the image. 

Scroll down to Xero Practice Manager and click the green Connect to XPM button,

If you are already signed in to XPM the process will be taken straight to the next step, if not you will be prompted to sign in to XPM.

Xero will ask for permission to connect Seamlss to your firm’s Practice Manager account. Simply click on the bottom blue Allow Access button to continue. 

Once connected, you will now have a green tick, and a sign out button if you wish to disconnect XPM later. 

When you go to a client’s details you will see that you can now push this client’s collected data into XPM.

Simply press the green Push to XPM button and a display will show you the data that will be synced to XPM for you to review.

Click on the blue Sync new client to XPM button to confirm. 

Now that the data is in XPM, you can go back to the Seamlss dashboard or clients details or view the client in XPM directly and start creating tax returns and jobs for them.