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Client Verification step-by-step guide

When adding a client to onboard, select Manual or DVS via Stripe to request identity documents from the client.

From the client’s profile, you can request additional ID for verification, or request ID if you didn’t ask for it during the initial onboarding.

Click Request additional identity verification and select the identity verification type. In the field next to Identity Instructions, give the client some details on what you need them to provide.

Hovering the mouse over Primary Source request or Additional Source request will give you more information on what qualifies for each source type.

Click Create Request to send the request to the client.

Once the client has provided the requested ID, click on the Review Identity Verification button. You will see the Verification Review pop-up window below.

View the file presented and check the information looks correct and matches the data on hand with the ATO.

Fill in the audit log data as required by the TPB and ATO requirements for future reference. This will save as a log of who, what and how they were verified.

As per below the client is now Verified and logged in Seamlss.

To see our ID verification guide for clients and how it works on the client side, click here