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The easiest way to verify client identity documents

Stripe Identity lets you confirm the identity of clients so you can prevent attacks from fraudsters while minimizing friction for legitimate customers.

Get it right the first time, every time! 

No credit card required.

Seamlss on-boarding process

Verifying clients is a requirement for all Tax Agents & BAS Agents. Powered by Stripe’s identification tool, Seamlss helps firms keep critical data organised and protected, while also providing a convenient way for customers to supply sensitive information.

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3 Step Process

Step 1 : Input or import client basic details from Zapier.

Step 2 :Send request data collection forms, verification request & engagement letter to be signed.

Step 3 : Save data collected, verify and send XPM.

Clients will receive an email that will direct them to login from a secure portal where they upload all the information for you to review and verify.

Confidently streamline your onboarding

Powered by global payments gateway tools Stripe Identity enables your firm to confidently, securely, and quickly verify your user’s identity documents.

Save Time

Clients do the heavy lifting, saving your team time by minimizing tedious administration tasks, eliminating human error, and enhancing productivity.


All Seamlss data is located in Australia, managed to Australian data laws. Transactions are handled via direct bank grade SSL security.

Customer Satisfaction

Stripe Identity is built on the same technology that Stripe uses to verify millions of global clients. It's a critical part of their global Know Your Customer (KYC) process, risk operations, and more.


Connect with Stripe Verify, Xero Practice Manager and Zapier to automate your client data flow.

Streamline KYC

Make it easy for clients to prove their identity at onboarding while fulfilling a crucial part of your compliance requirements.

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface makes it quick to set up, requires no end-user training making user experience more rewarding.

Accountants that trust us:

Cameo Ashe
Cameo Ashe
Owner Director
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Simple, time-saver for onboarding clients I was so happy I found Seamlss - not only is it seamless for clients, but implementing it into our onboarding process was quick and easy. I had been looking for something that integrated with Xero Practice Manager for ages and made collecting client details easy. The mobile phone authorisation code means that clients don't have to set up another login to access the forms and the process is quick and easy for them. From a practice viewpoint it's also great that you can link other software using zapier that speeds up the onboarding process even more.
Kate Henderson
Kate Henderson
Owner Director
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Genuine time-saver! Seamlss saves so much time in the Client Onboarding process, all you need to provide is an email address and mobile phone number, Seamlss does the rest. Syncing directly to Xero reduces data entry time and the possibility of keying errors. This software is invaluable to my Practice.
Caroline Walsh B.Com CPA
Caroline Walsh B.Com CPA
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I have been waiting for this program! Seamlss is the program I have been looking for since starting with Xero Practice Manager. It automates the onboarding process in a very simple way that is secure, professional and fast.
Alison Kennedy
Alison Kennedy
Owner Director
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On boarding new clients was a major pain point for my business. There wasn’t anything on the market that could help and most online form apps just weren’t secure enough for my liking. Most of my other software packages didn’t offer what I needed, and I had a massive black hole in my automation strategy. My admin now sets up all my new clients prior to their appointment so I am ready to go once they arrive. It has reduced my stress levels for the new client appointments. And I love that I can see a bit about them prior to the appointment via their ATO report. Having new clients sign an engagement form with my custom terms built in has been great and it has saved so much time with double handling.

Onboard into Xero Practice Manager

We're Xero App Partners

Confidence to connect to Xero Practice Manager


Security & privacy

  • PII data encrypted at rest
  • Delete user data
  • Explicit user consent flow
  • Data minimization

Client Verification

Seamlss is the easy way to onboard your clients, verify them, and keep them compliant. Onboarding takes minutes, verification takes seconds, and compliance takes care of itself.

Using Seamlss allows firms to quickly and easily verify clients with Seamlss or via Stripe Identity.

XPM & Other Integrations

Connect to Xero Practice Manager and Zapier to have client data flow through the onboarding process with just a few mouse clicks. If you use XPM, Seamlss reduces data entry time and keying errors.

Want more?

Give us your feedback and requests so we can make the things you need faster. Contact us here to provide feedback.

Verification methods

  • Verify government IDs from over 33 countries
  • Biometric photo ID-matching with selfie videos
  • Validate name, date of birth, and local ID numbers


How does Stripe verify identity?  

There are multiple ways firms can choose to confirm identity through Stripe, including:

  1. Verify the authenticity of ID documents: Stripe will typically review images of government-issued photo ID to ensure that the document is authentic. Identity verification technology looks for patterns to help determine if an ID document is real or fake. This process is like a bank teller checking your ID document to confirm that it’s real.

  2. Match clients ID with photos of their face: Stripe will review photos of their face that they provide to use to confirm that the photo ID belongs to them. Stripes automated identity verification technology uses distinctive physiological characteristics of your face (known as biometric identifiers) to match the photos of clients’ faces with the photo on the ID document. This process is similar to a bank teller confirming that the photo on your ID document is you based on your appearance —but it’s higher-tech and a more accurate way to identify clients as unique people.

  3. Validate client’s ID number against global databases: Stripe will collect a client’s name, date of birth, and government ID number, and check this information against a global set of databases to confirm that it exists.