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Seamlss Integrates with Stripe Identity

Global identity tool, Stripe, helping Seamlss expedite the transition from physical to digital

While the onboarding process primarily consists of submitting the required documentation and clients granting access to business financial data, the steps firms take to ease this process through automation, technology, and solid communication, can form the foundation for strong commercial relationships.

Implementing a software platform that addresses the client onboarding process in one go can serve as an efficient remedy to this issue. Powered by Stripe’s identification tool, Seamlss helps firms keep critical data organised and protected, while also providing a convenient way for customers to supply sensitive information.

Stripe Identity is a self-service tool that assists businesses to obtain reliable digital identities and fighting the ongoing identification and authentication challenge. Seamlss can begin securely verifying the identities of clients in a matter of minutes—not weeks or months—with Stripe managing the customer data in an encrypted format.

“Leveraging technology and identifying inefficiencies of how my firm (like most firms) onboard new clients was why we created Seamlss,” said Clayton.

Enabling clients to submit onboarding documentation online in a single app gives managers and accountants more control over the process and cuts time spent emailing or handing documents over in person. As the number of manual steps needed to perform a task reduces, the reduction in time spent efficiently performing that task becomes greater.