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Official Product Launch

Seamlss has officially moved to launch and allow firms to onboard clients like never before. Accounting and Bookkeeping firms will be able to use Seamlss to quickly and easily onboard clients, verify them and engage them with a few clicks of the mouse.

Seamlss was built to create an amazingly simple way for clients to onboard with their firms without the hassle of using the old way of doing it. Simply click a secure link, using their SMS code to log in and start filling in their details, and verification identification and electronically sign an engagement letter.

Our founder Clayton Wood is an accounting firm owner and for years was frustrated with the current way of using paper or potentially insecure methods to onboard customers. Clayton has a passion for tech and was very aware of the challenges and security issues by using email, WordPress or external web forms tools to collect clients’ sensitive data. Clayton joined forces with Shaun and Daniel to work together to set out to redefine the onboarding experience and cure the pain points.

It’s important that clients can seamlessly move to a new form without barriers. Seamlss allows firms to make collecting client data easy with the click of the mouse to send the link to clients by pulling in a client’s name, email, and phone number from a booking platform like Calendly.

Early adopters have been incredibly happy to finally have a tool that allows them to eliminate a practice’s pain point that has been a blockage and manual process for many years. Seamlss collects a client’s details but also allows clients to add in the details for their connected entities, like a Company, Trust, Partnership, or SMSF too.

Client Verification

Client verification for accounting firms made easy with Seamlss

The ATO and TPB have released their new requirement to verify clients before processing work and this function was built into Seamlss from the beginning. Allowing firms to collect and check this when the client onboard allows firms to check and verify clients before they meet. There is no extra cost for this or extra cost per person, it’s built into the process as a part of the subscription.

Electronically Signed Engagement Letters

This means firms can add clients to their firms and have useable data to have better outcomes. Adding the ability to get clients to sign an engagement form during the process. Firms can add clients to other systems like the ATO portal and load them up to gain access to key data prior to meeting the client.

Xero Practice Manager Connected

Having Xero Practice Management integration has allowed firms to connect and push the client’s data directly into XPM. This means firms don’t need to copy and paste or worse key in data from the onboarding process. It also speeds up the Tax Return preparation process by allowing firms to quickly create a client’s Individual Tax Return, and download pre-fill data from the ATO before the client enters the door, video meeting, or phone call.

Individual Tax Return Collection

Seamlss has the option to collect the client’s individual Tax Return data when onboarding also. This means you can request the client’s details, but also gather data to assist in the preparation of the return. Getting data before the meeting allows firms to use the team to prepare the return before they meet face to face.

How does it work in the real world?

The Seamlss team reached out to various firms to work through to make it simple for clients and firms. The aim is to make it easy for firms and their clients. Connect Seamlss to Zapier to automatically import basic client details from a booking tool like Calendly. The client will appear on your dashboard and from here an admin team member can send out the Seamlss link with the click of a button. Clients receive an email with a secure link and to log in they receive an SMS code. Once logged in they fill in all their personal details, ID, and various business details and sign the engagement letter.

Once completed by the client, firms can PDF the data and or push the data to XPM and add clients to the ATO portal. This means an admin or junior team member can complete the process before clients arrive at the office. When a client arrives to discuss their tax needs you can already have ATO access, Tax Pre-fills, Tax Account information, or even have most of an individual’s Tax Return complete before they enter.

Seamlss has cut down on the team keying data, potential miss keying data, or even worse collecting it insecurely. Most of all it has saved time and allows firms to have more time to have better conversations with clients by automating a process that in many firms is still done by paper, email or excel.