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Quick Wins – Using Seamlss to Maximise EOFY Efficiency

As part of our Quick Wins webinar series, we’re taking a look at the ways Seamlss can help you sail through the End Of Financial Year with ease.

Key Challenges of EOFY Data Collection

  1. Time-Consuming Processes
    The end of the financial year comes with a stream of documents and data-entry that takes time to deal with, especially when many firms rely on email exchanges and hard-copies for this process. Emails take time to respond to, and if a client forgets to upload a document it creates more back-and-forth.

    Keeping everything on Seamlss reduces data-entry, and simplifies communication.
  2. Lack of Standardisation
    Without a clear process for data collection, it’s easy for vital information to get missed or forgotten about.

    The Client Details page on Seamlss makes it easy to view all a client’s details at a glance. Following up becomes a breeze with stackable Fetch Forms and Quick Fetch.
  3. Poor Client Experience
    Endless emails asking for additional information and creating a back-and-forth that drags out the client’s tax process is going to be frustrating for the client and leave them feeling like they’ve had a bad experience. It’s bad for the client and bad for business.

    Our stackable Fetch Forms create a tailored experience to leave your clients feeling valued and understood so they return to your firm year after year for their tax needs.
  4. Unsecure Data
    Sending sensitive client data via email is a big security issue making your clients vulnerable to hackers and putting your business at risk.

    Seamlss utilises two-factor authentication, bank-level encryption for data storage and transmission, and secure data hosting in Australia. These measures ensure that your clients’ sensitive information remains protected at all times.

Why Early Preparation Matters

Getting a head start on EOFY preparations can save clients from last-minute stress and help maximise tax efficiency. It’s also an opportunity to identify areas for growth and ensure compliance with any regulatory changes.

How Seamlss Can Help Create a Streamline Process

Creating a clear process for your firm will save time (and therefore money), and make sure all information is accurate and adheres to tax and financial regulations.

A good client tax experience starts with preparation.


  1. Initial Client Communication
    It’s important to keep clients informed of the process so they know what to expect. Use your initial email to your client to explain the steps you’ll be taking and suggest a timeframe for your meeting.

    The Seamlss dashboard is a good way to see when clients are due for re-engagement.
  2. Scope Enquiry
    When you follow up with your client via email or over the phone, ask if any of the clients details have changed, and whether they’ve had any big changes such as buying or selling a property, or other new investments. It’s a good idea to have a few questions prepared to prompt the client with.

    You don’t need to collect any details at this stage, the aim is to simply find out what data needs to be collected.
  3. Send Client Request
    This is where Seamlss Fetch Forms come in. There are a number of templates available to help you gather the relevant data from your clients, you can also build your own templates if you don’t see what you need. When Sending a Client Request, you can stack Fetch Forms together to build a tailored form based on your earlier scope enquiry.

    You also have the option at this stage to ask the client to sign an engagement letter. If you need to request any additional documents, you can also use Quick Fetch to send a single Fetch Form. You will see on your dashboard when a client has completed the requests.
  4. Begin Job
    From the Client Details page you can download and view the client’s responses and access any documents they have uploaded, making it simple and easy to begin processing the job.
  5. Final Review and Completion
    Conduct a final review of all tasks to ensure accuracy and completeness. Send a final email to the client notifying them of job completion and instructing them to book the Annual Accounts Meeting

This is an example of the steps you might take in your firm. Of course, every firm is different and the process may vary depending on the needs of you and your clients. The important thing is having a system that is clear and consistent.

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Ready to streamline your EOFY data collection process? Explore Seamlss today and see how it can transform your firm’s efficiency. For more information visit Seamlss to get started.