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2023 has been a transformative journey in Client Management

2023 Wrap up of an amazing year

As we reflect on 2023, it’s clear that Seamlss has embarked on a journey of innovation. We’ve not only enhanced our client management solutions but also significantly expanded our reach within the accounting industry.

Early Year Hustle: We started the year full of determination, laying the groundwork for success. Our participation in events like the Xero Roadshow and ABE was not just about presence; it was about learning, connecting, and understanding the evolving needs of accounting and bookkeeping firms.

Mid-Year Milestones: The heart of the year saw us in various webinars, where we showcased our cutting-edge solutions. Our focus? To streamline onboarding and data collection, making these processes as seamless as possible for our clients.

Xerocon: Xerocon was a highlight, symbolizing our growing community and awareness among firms. It’s where we shared our vision and connected with like-minded professionals, setting the stage for future collaborations. It was a great way to connect with local and overseas firms. Connect with so many amazing app partners too.

Webinar Wins: Our Agent Linking Webinars broke attendance records for us, a clear indicator of the industry’s trust in our expertise and need for a solution to the Agent Linking problem.

Innovative Releases: 2023 was also a year of significant product releases. We rolled out over 20 updates and features that revolutionised client onboarding and data management, reaffirming our commitment to providing solutions that are not just effective but also intuitive and user-friendly.

Gratitude and Glimpse Ahead: As we move into 2024, we’re grateful for the trust and support from our clients and partners. We’re excited about the future, ready to introduce more innovations and continue our journey of transforming client management in the accounting world.

Notable Updates and Releases for 2023

  • Multiple File Uploads for Source Identity (December 8, 2023): Introduced the ability to upload multiple files for source identity verification, streamlining the client onboarding process.
  • Dashboard Area Updates (November 30, 2023): Made significant improvements to the dashboard areas for better user experience and efficiency.
  • Agent-Client Linking Guides and Templates (November 10, 2023): Released guides and templates to facilitate agent-client linking, simplifying the process for users.
  • Form Templates and Agent-Linking Instructions (November 4, 2023): Added new form templates and instructions for agent linking, enhancing the customisation options available to users.
  • Custom Fetch Form Requests and Client Request History (October 22, 2023): Launched custom Fetch Form requests and a feature to track client request history, improving client interaction and tracking.
  • ABN/ACN Lookup for Clients (September 18, 2023): Integrated ABN/ACN lookup for clients, making it easier to verify and enter business information.
  • ITR TaxFlow Revamp (August 8, 2023): Revamped the Income Tax Return (ITR) process with TaxFlow, streamlining tax filing for clients.
  • Custom Document Templates (April 18, 2023): Introduced custom document templates, allowing users to create personalised and branded documents.
  • Data Centre and Import, Notification Settings Update (April 13, 2023): Updated the Data Centre with import functionality and refined notification settings for better user control.
  • Lead Links and Forms (March 12, 2023): Launched lead links and forms, facilitating easier lead capture and management.
  • Re-engagements (February 28, 2023): Implemented a re-engagement feature, allowing firms to easily reconnect with past clients.