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OMG – What an Epic Xerocon Experience!

Xerocon 2023

Stepping into Xerocon as a Xero App Partner for the first time was nothing short of exhilarating. While I’ve attended Xerocon multiple times with Business Edge Advisors as Xero Gold Partners, this was a unique and memorable experience with Seamlss.

Kayla, Daniel and Clayton before the XeroconSetting the Stage: Our preparations were meticulous – from setting our goals and positioning to designing our stand and refining our pitch. Recognising that each firm has its nuances in onboarding, we tailored our pitch to highlight how Seamlss can seamlessly integrate into varied processes. The reality? Many firms are still navigating the challenges of a disjointed onboarding process, and that’s where Seamlss shines.

Our touch screen display was a game-changer. Not only did it run our presentation, but it also allowed us to showcase specific product videos, offering a dynamic and interactive experience for attendees.

Day One – Beyond Expectations: The first day began at a steady pace, but soon, the momentum was undeniable. Conversations with attendees were insightful, revealing a common thread – the need for a streamlined onboarding, verification and re-engagement process. It was heartening to see that Seamlss could be the solution for so many.

All play no workA highlight was showcasing Seamlss’s versatility – beyond ID verification, our platform can securely request a range of documents, from ATO notices to Trust Deeds. This feature, especially, resonated with many, emphasising the depth of Seamlss’s capabilities.

Ignition & Seamlss – A Perfect Pair: Many Ignition users were pleasantly surprised to discover how Seamlss could integrate into their processes, reducing administrative burdens. In my firm, Ignition and Seamlss work in tandem, offering a comprehensive solution whether you onboard pre or post-proposal.

Re-Engagement – The Need of the Hour: Our conversations underscored a significant gap in the industry – the lack of a robust re-engagement process. With Seamlss, firms can effortlessly confirm client details annually and ensure up-to-date engagement letters are signed, fostering trust and compliance.

Two Drunk Accountants PodcastDay Two & Beyond: The second day mirrored the success of the first, filled with enriching interactions and affirmations that Seamlss is on the right trajectory. The Xerocon after-party, featuring the electrifying performance by Sneaky Sound System, was the perfect end to a phenomenal event.

A Heartfelt Thank You: I want to extend my gratitude to our current subscribers who took the time to connect, the new faces who showed interest, and other vendors for their invaluable guidance. Your feedback, support, and camaraderie made this Xerocon truly special.

As we reflect on our Xerocon journey, we’re more committed than ever to enhancing Seamlss, ensuring we continue to address the evolving needs of firms. Here’s to many more years of innovation, collaboration, and success!