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Tax Practitioners

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ATO Identity Verification Best Practices: Safeguarding Your Clients and Firm

ATO identity verification is essential for safeguarding your clients’ information and maintaining the integrity of the Australian tax system. As tax practitioners, it’s crucial to follow best practices to protect your clients and firm from identity theft and fraud. By understanding the importance of ATO identity verification, adhering to the requirements, and implementing effective strategies, you can better protect your clients, your practice, and the Australian tax system. Utilizing tools like Seamlss can streamline the verification process and ensure compliance with the ATO requirements, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional services to your clients.

Seamlss Client Verification for ATO & TPB

Client Verifications with Seamlss

Verifying your clients when onboarding them just makes sense. Seamlss has been designed to allow clients to easily onboard and verify without any separate apps