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Your Guide to ATO Agent-Client Linking with Seamlss

Navigating the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) Agent-Client Linking process is now more straightforward with Seamlss. This guide will walk you through each step and show you how Seamlss simplifies the procedure.

Step 1: Establish Your Digital Identity with myGovID

  • Seamlss Simplification: Begin by downloading the myGovID app and follow the instructions to set up your digital identity. Seamlss can provide a checklist to ensure you have all the necessary documents ready for a Standard or Strong identity strength.

Step 2: Link Your myGovID to Your ABN

  • Seamlss Simplification: Use the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) to link your myGovID to your ABN. If you encounter any difficulties, Seamlss offers a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to help you navigate any issues.

Step 3: Authorise Others to Act on Your Behalf (Optional)

  • Seamlss Simplification: Seamlss’s team management features allow you to coordinate who in your firm should be authorised in RAM, streamlining the process of setting up internal authorisations.

Step 4: Log in to Online Services for Business

  • Seamlss Simplification: Once your myGovID is linked to your ABN, access the ATO’s Online Services for Business. Seamlss’s secure document storage can help keep track of your login details and essential documents for easy retrieval.

Step 5: Nominate Your Authorised Agent

  • Seamlss Simplification: Use Seamlss to store and manage your agent’s details like their RAN, ensuring you have the correct information on hand when nominating your agent through the ATO’s service.

Step 6: Notify Your Agent of Their Nomination

  • Seamlss Simplification: After nominating your agent, Seamlss can automate the notification process. With our custom email templates, let your agent know they’ve been nominated without hassle.

Troubleshooting and Assistance

  • Seamlss Support: Should you encounter any errors or need clarification, Seamlss provides direct links to ATO support and offers in-app guidance for reaching out to the right contacts.

Extending and Managing Nominations

  • Seamlss Management: If your agent requires more time to action your nomination, Seamlss can track the nomination period and remind you to extend it if necessary.

Smooth Transition with Seamlss

Seamlss is here to make your transition to the new Agent-Client Linking process as smooth as possible. By using our platform, you’ll have a helping hand at each step, ensuring you stay compliant and well-organized.

For more detailed guidance, explore our resources or reach out for personalized support. Together, we’ll make sure your tax affairs are in good hands.