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Making the ATO’s Agent-Client Linking Easier

ATO Agent linking made easy

The new Agent-Client Linking rule from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is a big change for accountants and bookkeepers across Australia. It’s meant to make the relationship between tax agents and their clients clearer, but it also brings some hurdles. One big worry is accidentally losing connection with a BAS Agent, which could take a lot of time to fix if not noticed right away​​.

Seamlss, a helpful tool for managing client relations, has updated its platform to make this shift smoother. It now provides a simple step-by-step guide during client onboarding explaining the Agent-Client Linking process after onboarding​​.

When the ATO first announced this rule a year ago, the reactions were mixed. And even now, many in the industry still have concerns about the added steps, especially for small business owners who might not be very tech-savvy. The discussions also point out worries about clients understanding this new process and how ready some firms are to handle this change.

Seamlss’s new feature aims to ease these worries by providing clear steps and information to both firms and clients. This helps to avoid confusion and the risk of accidental disconnections or unauthorized changes. The step-by-step guide during onboarding and the ability to send a request as a follow-up are designed to explain the new process in a simple manner​.

The chatter on social media from various stakeholders shows a range of reactions to the ATO’s initiative. Comments from practitioners vary from concerns about the extra admin work, potential client confusion, to appreciation for the added security and clearer client-agent relationship. They also recognise the need for such a rule, but with concerns about how it’s being rolled out and the extra work for both the practitioners and their clients.

Seamlss aligns with the new ATO rules by tweaking its platform to provide extra guidance to both firms and clients, making the shift less complex and more organised. Through Seamlss, firms can not only ensure a smooth changeover with the new Agent-Client Linking process but also better their operational efficiency and client communication, making the shift smoother and well-organised​​.

Seamlss serves as a clear channel for communication regarding the new linking process, making the shift less complex and more organised. By using Seamlss in their changeover plan, firms can ensure a smooth transition with the new Agent-Client Linking process and also improve their operational efficiency and client communication.