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Fastest XPM Integration Built

We’re now Xero App Partners, offering our customers an all-in-one, integrated experience for managing their client’s onboarding. Creating Seamlss to enable firms to inject data directly into XPM was our first big hurdle, getting into the Xero App Store felt like it could have been a mountain to climb. We pushed through and got it hooked up, but the best quote from Xero’s app evangelist is that we’re the faster app to integrate into XPM she has ever seen.

The benefits of our direct integration for XPM are clearly the data flowing from clients keying it in, to the firm and injecting it into XPM with minimal keying of data. We now have the ability to add as many firms as we can to the platform with the 25 XPM connection limit lifted. We’re excited to help as many firms improve their onboarding as possible. Don’t get me wrong for a bootstrapped start-up, we’re kicking goals, we also have room for improvement and big things on our road map.

I’m super happy and excited we’re going to be at XeroCon Sydney 2022 in a couple of weeks to connect and discuss the possibilities with current and future subscribers. So if you’re heading to XeroCon, be sure to come say hello, either at the parties or the conference. We will be in bright pink shirts 😉.

We now have Sign in with Xero turned on as well. This allows you to log into Seamlss from your Xero account securely and quickly. As an accountant I cannot remember the last time I logged into BGL or Ignition apps using the email and password, I just use Xero Sign in. So for us to add this to Seamlss is awesome.

Start Onboarding Clients the Easy Way